Workout With Intensity

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Exercising at high intensity in an Athletic Workout not only promotes excellent strength and cardio development and overall conditioning, but it’s also fantastic for losing weight. When you workout at high intensity, you can exercise for less time and burn more fat than you do with a long boring workout at moderate effort. Not only [...]

Dumbbells – The Super Workout Tool

Workout Programs

So you want to know the single, most effective piece of equipment for getting into great shape? Sure, there are lots of great pieces of equipment out there, ranging from simple and effective (kettle bells, pull-up bars, medicine balls, etc), to complex and expensive (but still very effective if used appropriately, like a good treadmill). [...]

Athletic Body Workout


A couple of days ago in my Athletic Workout Introduction post, I mentioned coach Eddie Lomax’s Athletic Body Workout.  If you’re wondering whether an athletic workout is right for you, Coach Lomax poses a great question on his page: he shows a picture of an overweight guy, a lean and muscular guy, and a massive body [...]

Workout With 1 Piece of Equipment

One of the things I love about athletic workouts is that you can do them at home with only a few simple pieces of equipment.  To illustrate the point, I remember a post I read on Shin Ohtake’s MAX Workouts blog a few months back, where he walked through a great workout that can be [...]